A Pig Given a Chance at Life: Meet Fella

Posted by on February 25, 2015 | Permalink

The Amazing Fella could have ended up as a bacon butty or sausage roll – but instead, he’s living the high life in Cambridgeshire, where he shares his home with his guardians, Emily and Dustin, and their three dogs. Fella the Pig! Just like his doggie flatmates, cheeky Fella loves to cuddle on the sofa and go out for walks. And he’s quite the activist, too. When he’s out and about, he wears a bright harness with the message “Don’t eat pork!” to encourage others to spare a thought for his cousins who never get to breathe fresh air or feel the sunlight on their back because they’re forced to spend their lives in filthy cages on factory farms. Fella as a piglet Lucky Fella Nap time for Fella the pig Napping Fella the Pig Going vegan is the easy answer to help pigs who haven’t been as lucky as Fella. If we can choose to live full, happy lives without having to inflict pain on or kill others, why wouldn’t we? Order one of PETA’s free vegan starter kits to see just how easy and delicious choosing vegan meals can be!

See more cute pics of the Amazing Fella on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/theamazingfella. And support his human companion’s hand-stamped vegan jewellery business at:  www.etsy.com/uk/shop/themuddypig.