A Royal Robe Fit for a Future King

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What do you get a young prince who has it all for his first birthday? Little Prince George will turn 1 this week, and we wanted to mark the occasion by giving him a compassionate gift which celebrates our nation’s love of animals. What could be better than his very own royal robe made with the softest faux fur to keep him snug, courtesy of The Throw Company? prince george It’s never been easier to go fur-free, with so many luxurious, high-quality, eco-friendly alternatives hitting the market. Real fur pelts have to be treated with all manner of hazardous chemicals in order to prevent decomposition, and animals on fur farms live in appalling, filthy, cramped conditions. These animals will then be poisoned, bludgeoned, electrocuted or even skinned alive in order to produce coats, cuffs, collars and other accessories for both adults and children. Millions of animals, including minks, foxes and rabbits, are still killed around the world for fur every year.

Prince George’s fur-free robes will put him in the same company with many of Britain’s Lord Mayors and other dignitaries who have updated their traditional robes to include humane faux fur. Here’s hoping he’ll continue to uphold 21st-century values and serve as a compassionate example for future generations. He’s off to a great start!

Although fur farming is banned in the UK, many animals are still suffering and dying on fur farms in Ireland. You can help them by taking action and calling for a ban on all fur production. Sign our letter to Irish Ministers and make your voice heard!

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Mink image: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals