A Soft and Cosy Gift to Welcome the Royal Baby in Cruelty-Free Style

Posted by on April 30, 2015 | Permalink

Royal Baby ShoesWith a second Royal baby due soon, we sent off a gift to Prince William and Duchess Catherine to help celebrate. Because plant-based yarns are both softer on a baby’s delicate skin and far kinder to sheep than wool is, we send the little prince or princess a pair of hand-crocheted baby booties decorated with an adorable image of  a bear’s face and crafted from bamboo and cotton yarn.

sheep10-500x375.jpgAs the recent PETA US international exposé of the wool industry revealed, sheep suffer for wool. The exposé showed gentle sheep who were punched in the face, jabbed with electric clippers, slammed into the floor and stamped on by impatient workers. Some sheep even died from the abuse, such as one whose neck was twisted and broken by a shearer who confessed, “I get angry”.

Fortunately, compassionate consumers are changing the face of fashion by creating a growing demand for clothes that look gorgeous without causing animals to suffer.

We hope the gift to the newest member of the Royal family will inspire parents around the world to choose cruelty-free clothing, shoes and accessories for their families.