Huge Progress! Dutch University Spares Small Mammals Suffering in Traps After Hearing From PETA Netherlands

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We have good news for mice and squirrels: Aeres University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands is ending the deadly trapping of small mammals after hearing from PETA Netherlands.

Image shows a mouse in the wild.

Acting on information from a whistle-blower, PETA Netherlands sent letters calling on the University to end the alleged capture of small animals in water-filled traps, in which many drown, for a student project to study the biodiversity of invertebrates.

Not only was this trapping cruel, it also possibly violated the law. Consequently, PETA Netherlands has filed a complaint with the province of Flevoland about a possible breach of the Nature Conservancy Act.

We were happy to learn that the university has made the traps smaller so that mice, squirrels, and other small mammals can no longer get in.

Further Progress Needed to Prevent Insects From Drowning, Too

The modified traps may stop small mammals from drowning, but insects continue to be caught and killed.

PETA Netherlands has repeatedly offered the university assistance in developing a project to study biodiversity without killing any animals at all, but the university has not accepted this offer. PETA Netherlands will now provide the institution with suggestions for humane methods to study biodiversity anyway so that invertebrates are no longer killed, either.

University Reportedly Trapped Mice and Young Squirrels

A concerned whistle-blower contacted PETA Netherlands about the university project, in which students are required to set “pot traps” in a park. The soapy water–filled cups indiscriminately catch insects and small mammals, and students have reportedly found both living and dead mice and young squirrels in them. The whistle-blower also reported that drowned invertebrates are transferred to jars containing methylated spirit for preservation.

In footage provided by the whistle-blower, soaked mice are seen frantically trying to escape from a trap and a motionless mouse appears to be in a state of acute distress after apparently being removed from a trap. PETA Netherlands was prevented from sharing this footage by the copyright owner, but below is an illustration based on the footage.

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