Today in Leeds: PETA Protests Japanese MSG Giant That Tortures Animals

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A giant “mouse” flanked by PETA supporters protested today outside Jacuna Kitchens in Leeds against Japanese monosodium glutamate (MSG) giant Ajinomoto, which was showcasing its new products at the site.

Holding signs reading, “Ajinomoto: Stop Tormenting Animals!”, “Starved, Killed, and Dissected”, and “Ajinomoto: Ban Cruel Animal Tests Now!”, activists challenged the company’s use of mice, rats, dogs, and other animals in cruel, unnecessary experiments.

Nearly 70 Years of Torture

Since the 1950s, Ajinomoto has tormented and killed animals in experiments that are neither relevant to human health nor required by law. Recently, experimenters repeatedly deprived mice of water overnight, fed them common food substances such as miso and MSG, cut open their faces to expose a nerve, inserted electrodes, killed them, and cut off their tongues – purportedly to establish health claims for marketing the company’s food products and ingredients. Some of its other tests have involved inserting tubes into day-old baby pigs’ arteries and starving them, electroshocking rats, and cutting into dogs’ stomachs.

It is unconscionable to kill mice and other sensitive animals to make dubious health claims about MSG and other foods. PETA demands that Ajinomoto follow the lead of other global food companies, such as Kikkoman and Barry Callebaut, and end its unsavoury tests on animals.

What You Can Do

Experimenting on animals is unnecessary and cruel. Sign this petition to help end all archaic tests: