Alexa Chung’s New Fashion Label Will Be Free of Fur, Angora, and Exotic Skins

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British style icon Alexa Chung’s debut collection will be free of fur, angora, and exotic skins.

Pretty sure that graffiti says "you suck", but ignorance is bliss.

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The model-turned-designer has previously masterminded several design collaborations – with Marks & Spencer, among others – that featured vegan faux-fur jackets, silky viscose dresses, and leather-free velvet boots.

Alexa will be joining more than 300 brands worldwide that have dropped angora wool, and she’s not the only luxury fashion designer to pick up on the ethical trend. Designers like Stella McCartney also refuse to use animal-derived materials and are spreading the word about the reasons why skins should be a thing of the past in the fashion industry.


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Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy cages, where they suffer from physical and psychological distress before being killed by poisoning, gassing, or anal electrocution. For angora wool, workers tie down sensitive rabbits and rip their fur out, leaving behind bloody wounds, while the rabbits scream in pain. And on crocodile farms, as PETA revealed in this recent exposé, animals are confined to small, dirty pits and sometimes hacked apart while they’re still alive and thrashing.

If you want to make more ethical fashion choices, choose natural or synthetic cruelty-free materials over cruelly obtained animal skins. Whether you’re looking for high-street bargains or high-end luxury goods, there are loads of vegan options on the market: