And the ‘Most Compassionate Mum of the Year’ Award Goes to…

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Julie BowyerOur mission to find the most deserving mum and recognise her for her efforts to help animals has paid off! Julie Bowyer has been named PETA’s Most Compassionate Mum of 2012. Julie was nominated by her son, Chris, who summed up his submission by saying, “[M]y mum’s commitment to the well-being of all animals is second to none”.

“When you think of mothers, you think of nurturing, but Julie Bowyer has taken compassion for others to a whole new level”, says PETA’s Ben Williamson. “PETA is very pleased to recognise Julie’s extraordinary efforts to fight animal suffering wherever and whenever it occurs.”

Julie has attended animal rights demonstrations throughout the UK and says she will continue to do so for as long as she can. She even travelled twice to America to help PETA US raise funds and to meet our founder, Ingrid E Newkirk. Julie went vegan years ago, and she’s adamant about never buying any product that was tested on animals. Modest to a tee, Julie’s comment upon being notified that she had won the award was “I should be doing more”.

The story of one special cat offers a glimpse into Julie’s dedication. She knows that buying an animal from a breeder kills the chance for a cat or dog awaiting adoption to find a loving home. After recently learning that a cat whose guardian had died was unwanted by surviving members of the family, Julie wasted no time. She not only offered to adopt the cat but also paid for all the animal’s medical needs, including spaying, mouth surgeries and flea medications.

Julie received a goodie bag filled with cruelty-free prizes, and she’ll appear in PETA’s popular Animal Times magazine.