Ballet Icon Sylvie Guillem Is Strong, Healthy and Vegan

Posted by on September 7, 2015 | Permalink

Sylvie Guillem, one of the greatest dancers of our time, is vegan. She recently teamed up with us to show off the “ultimate selfie” and promote vegan eating.

Sylvie Guillem Vegan Ad

The  ballet icon decided to go vegan five years ago and says she’s never felt better.

“I am stronger as a vegan than I ever was with meat and dairy.”

And there’s a reason that Sylvie feels unbelievable. Following a vegan diet reduces the risk of developing heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer and obesity. In addition to personal health benefits, you’ll be sparing many animals every year daily suffering and helping to promote a “greener” future by reducing your individual carbon footprint.

“What I can do I will do. Not one person can change the world, but one, and one and one add up.”

Sylvie joins a growing list of celebrities – including Joanna Lumley, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, among many others – who have joined us in promoting healthy and humane meat-free meals.

So try it for yourself! PETA’s 30-day vegan pledge will help you every step of the way. Make a resolution that will save lives and leave you feeling better than ever before. We’ll send you helpful resources, recipes and tips every week.