‘Barbaric and Shameful’: Oliver Stone Speaks Out Against MOD Pig Mutilation

Posted by on December 19, 2012 | Permalink

Oliver Stone is disgusted by the UK military’s use of live pigs as targets in training drills – and he’s not afraid to speak his mind.


“As a U.S. Army combat veteran, I was horrified to learn from my friends at PETA U.K. that the Ministry of Defence has been shipping British military personnel to Denmark to watch live pigs be shot and mutilated on firing ranges and kept alive for several agonizing hours before finally being killed in cruel trauma training exercises”, the Oscar-winning director, screenwriter and producer wrote this week in a letter to the Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond. “Pigs are very intelligent beings—just like the dogs and cats with whom millions of us share our homes. Using them as targets and cutting them apart is barbaric and shameful.”

Stone’s appeal is just the latest expression of revulsion at these cruel and archaic drills: last week, another army veteran, Gideon Raff – the creator and executive producer of Homeland – also told the government how wrong these exercises are.

Join Stone and Raff by adding your voice to the chorus of outrage over how the MOD is torturing animals – despite the existence of more effective training methods that use no animals at all.