Barbaric Car-Crash Experiments: Dogs and Pigs Strapped Into Seats, Smashed Into Walls

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In China, experimenters fasten frightened animals into car seats and crash them into walls until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and mangled – despite the existence of sophisticated, animal-free models.



Live pigs and dogs are left with broken bones and severe internal injuries, then they’re killed and dissected.

According to its own published papers, China’s Research Institute for Traffic Medicine at Daping Hospital has conducted the following violent experiments:

  • Experimenters forced dogs onto a rigid, L-shaped seat in a human sitting position using cloth restraints. They then affixed a disc to their heads with a steel-wire rope, sewed sensors to their heads, held their heads up by their ears, dropped a hammer to hit the disc (causing their heads to thrust violently backwards and resulting in whiplash, limping, and difficulty moving their hind limbs), then killed and dissected them.
  • Experimenters tied live pigs to a metal sledge for eight hours without providing them with water or food, screwed a metal block into their pelvises, inserted electrodes into their abdomens, slammed them into a wall – which caused multiple fractures and severe injuries to their spines, pelvises, and internal organs – then killed and dissected them.
  • Experimenters starved pigs for 24 hours, deprived them of water for six hours, strapped them into a car seat with seat belts and ropes, slammed them into a wall – which caused them to sustain severe fractures, contusions, and lacerations; caused bleeding of their internal organs; and resulted in immediate death for half the animals used – then dissected them.

Using Sentient Animals in Car-Crash Tests Is Cruel, Archaic, and Unjustifiable

Pigs and dogs are fundamentally anatomically different from humans. Car companies figured out years ago that these kinds of experiments are worthless and tell us nothing about the human experience of a car crash.

These days, companies use advanced technology – such as human clinical studies, advanced computer modelling, 3-D medical imaging, and sophisticated manikins – for their car-crash research. Other researchers have used human cadavers and virtual reality (digital crash dummies) for the same purpose. In the 21st century, every car company on the planet should already have adopted these methods.

What You Can Do to Help Pigs Exploited in Horrific Experiments

It’s not just in China that pigs are used in useless and barbaric experiments – in Europe, they have been given diseases like diabetes, made to suffer from depression, and mutilated to test wound-healing or plastic surgery techniques.

They’re even used for horrifying military trauma tests in which they’re shot repeatedly with pistols or subjected to severe blast wounds from explosions. We’re calling on the Ministry of Defence to join the majority of the UK’s NATO allies in choosing not to shoot, stab, or dismember pigs or other animals in military training exercises. You can help by signing our action alert: