Hiding the Bloody Reality! See the PETA Ad That Was Rejected in Windsor

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An advertising firm in Windsor has rejected these PETA adverts for buses and bus stops in the town:

The ads were designed to highlight the bloody reality of the King’s Guard’s bearskin caps and urge the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to replace the bearskin with a humane, high-performing faux fur.


Why Were the Ads Rejected?

As its reason for the rejection, the ad agency cited a conflict due to the association with the monarchy. However, there is no conflict. In fact, the opposite is true, given that the late Queen Elizabeth was fur-free and King Charles is passionate about sustainability and environmental endeavours.

Making ceremonial caps from real fur goes against public opinion, ignores the values of a nation of animal-lovers, and undermines the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, who dropped fur from her wardrobe in her later years.

The unjustifiable rejection of this ad won’t deter PETA from continuing to demand that the MoD honour its commitment and embrace modern, humane faux fur.

Luxury Faux Bear Fur Is Available – Why Is the MoD Not Using It?

The MoD long ago committed to ending the use of real bear fur for the caps once a suitable alternative was found. Recent laboratory testing confirmed that luxury faux furrier ECOPEL’s faux bear fur performs as well as or better than real bear fur against the five criteria set by the ministry.

The company has even offered the government an unlimited amount of the faux fur free of charge until 2030, yet the MoD continues to resist making the switch.

This inaction left King Charles with no option but to wear a real bearskin at the Trooping the Colour parade, making him appear out of touch with the values of 21st century Britain.

One Bear = One Cap

Over 90% of the UK public rejects wearing animal fur, and 75% considers the bearskin caps to be a poor use of taxpayer money.

In Canada, hunters buy tags to kill bears for fun – some even use bows and arrows. The bears are often shot several times before they die, while others escape only to bleed to death. Nursing mothers may also be killed, leaving behind cubs who starve without them.

Take Action for Bears

PETA is calling on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to instruct the MoD to stop using real bear fur. Join our campaign now: