Great News for Dogs! Brazil Finally Ends Requirement for Year-Long Deadly Tests

Posted by on August 22, 2019 | Permalink

Brazil has joined the European Union, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and the United States in saying no to a pesticide test in which dogs can be repeatedly poisoned over the course of a year and then killed.

The government made the decision after hearing from PETA US, pesticide companies, and others who’ve shared a wealth of information showing that this experiment is unethical and unscientific.

What Do Dogs Go Through During the Test?

Imagine being locked in a cage and forced to eat pesticide-laced food or breathe pesticide fumes for a year until you’re killed and your body is dissected. That is exactly what dogs are subjected to in the test.

PETA scientists are in contact with regulatory agencies around the world to encourage them to end all pesticide testing on dogs and other animals.

What You Can Do

Your help will bring us closer to a world in which all animals are regarded as individuals, not laboratory tools, and a time when we’ll look back on tests on living, breathing beings as part of a painful, dark past.

Please take 30 seconds to fire off e-mails and add your name to petitions and open letters to help animals suffering in laboratories: