BREAKING: Pro-Vegan Film ’73 Cows’ Wins BAFTA

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A short film about animal sentience has won a prestigious BAFTA award.

73 Cows

73 Cows features vegan former farmer Jay Wilde discussing the “soul-destroying” profession of raising cows only to send them to the abattoir. Working so closely with the gentle animals, he began to recognise their individuality, which led him to start his journey away from the violent animal-agriculture industry and towards crop farming.

The BAFTA accolade is a testament to the growing popularity of vegan living. This victory not only highlights the value of the film but also recognises that it’s an important work in the current social climate, as people from all walks of life are increasingly turning their backs on meat, dairy, and eggs.

73 Cows

Cows Are Cool

Cows’ personalities are as diverse as those of cats, dogs, and humans: some are very quick learners, while others are a little slower. Some are bold and adventurous, while others are shy and timid. Some are friendly and considerate, while others are bossy and mischievous. Animal behaviourists have found that they interact in socially complex ways, developing strong friendships over time. Like us, these gentle giants grieve for loved ones who have died or even been separated from them, sometimes shedding tears over their loss.

Cows Killed for Meat Suffer

Cows used for beef may be kept on intensive factory farms and spend their entire lives indoors, never grazing in the open air or having space to move around. They’re “fattened up” on a highly unnatural cereal-based diet that causes them almost-constant digestive pain and can lead to metabolic diseases.

Some hellish, artificially lit sheds have slatted floors, which are uncomfortable for cows to lie on. Even grass-fed cows usually spend some of their time inside, often in crowded, faeces-filled pens. And many animals develop respiratory problems because of the piles of manure in the packed feedlots that fill the air with choking chemicals.

Cows are crammed into lorries for a gruelling journey to the abattoir that can be hundreds and hundreds of miles long. Once unloaded, they’re shot in the head with an electric bolt gun in an attempt to stun them. But inept, overworked employees often fail to do this properly, so many terrified cows go to their deaths kicking and screaming, still conscious as they’re skinned and dismembered.

Cows farmed for their flesh aren’t the only ones who suffer. Those raised on dairy farms are repeatedly forcibly impregnated, and calves are torn away from their mothers, mutilated, and typically kept in filthy and severely crowded conditions. Then, often when they’re only a few months old, they endure a stressful and terrifying trip to the abattoir, where many are killed while still conscious.

How You Can Help

Being kind to animals is simple. Our free vegan starter kit has tips and information to help you get started with making the transition to a compassionate lifestyle – for animals, the environment, and your health. Order a copy today!