Brigitte Nielsen Gives Fur the Cold Shoulder

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Perhaps best known for her film Red Sonja, actor Brigitte Nielsen might have looked the part in furs when playing a barbarian, but times and fashion have moved on.

Brigitte has spoken out against the treatment of animals for fur by turning her back on cruelty and giving fur the cold shoulder in a new ad for PETA Germany.

Brigitte Nielsen: Give Fur the Cold Shoulder

In addition to starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Sonja, the Danish actor also starred in Rocky IV, Cobra and Beverly Hills Cop II. She is now a regular fixture on German TV.

As in Germany, most fur sold in the UK comes from fur farms, where animals lose their minds from the extreme misery and suffering that result from being constantly confined to a tiny cage. Animals who are trapped in the wild don’t have it any better: they can be held for days as the trap cuts down to their bones. They sometimes chew off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to escape. And in China, the world’s biggest fur exporter, dogs and cats are often skinned alive for their fur, which is then mislabelled before unsuspecting shoppers purchase it.

With the amount of cruelty-free faux furs on the market, there’s no need to dress up as a barbarian this winter. Plush, modern synthetics are readily available on every high street. And you can shop with confidence at fashionable fur-free retailers such as H&M, Topshop, New Look and AllSaints.