Lions Stressed Out at Bristol Zoo’s ‘Adults Only’ Late Night Parties

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Animals have been filmed frantically pacing back and forth at events featuring large crowds, alcohol, and live music.

Bristol Zoo staff states animals stressed by late night party …

BREAKING: Bristol Zoo staff states animals stressed by late night party eventCAPS went undercover at the Bristol Zoo Gardens “Big Night Out” event two weeks ago and caught on camera zoo staff stating that the loud music and visitors “do stress [the animals] out” and they were prone to “stereotyping” by pacing back and forth.We also filmed the not-so "Silent disco" and people drinking alcohol whilst leaning over the animal enclosures.Tell Bristol Zoo Gardens to cancel these events! Head over to their facebook page or email

Posted by Freedom for Animals on Saturday, August 13, 2016


The footage was filmed by an activist from Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) at Bristol Zoo on Friday, 29 July, and shows that lions exhibited stereotypic behaviour, an indication of frustration or distress in captive animals.

When the activist asked a zoo worker why the lions were behaving in this way, she was told this:

Because there is so much going on that is unusual for them. Obviously normally there’s not music, normally there’s not people here at 10 o’clock at night, it does stress them out a bit … it can be a trigger to stress.

The fact that zoo staff appear to be aware of the distress that these types of events cause animals yet the zoo still holds them is shocking. It’s clear that zoos are more concerned with making money than safeguarding the well-being of the animals they’re supposed to be looking after.

Big cats kept in captivity already lead a sad, deeply unnatural existence, in which every aspect of their lives is controlled by humans and they are exposed to a constant stream of gawping visitors. Late night parties add insult to injury by denying these animals the few hours’ respite they would usually get after the zoo closes.

A similar series of events at London Zoo attracted criticism a few years ago, following allegations that one partygoer poured beer over a tiger and another stripped off and tried to enter the penguin enclosure.

It’s obvious to anyone with common sense that alcohol-fuelled parties and wild animals don’t mix. Tell Bristol Zoo to cancel these absurd events, and please stay away from all tourist attractions that exploit animals for profit.