New PETA Video Backs British Farmers – But There’s a Twist

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This Back British Farming Day (2 November), a new PETA video is showing support for farmers. Check it out:

Our 30-second video celebrates the farmers bringing milk to our tables – oat milk, that is, from oats grown in the UK – and calls for “farming that’s good for farmers, gentler on the planet … and gentle to animals”.

Everyone Needs Farmers

Everyone needs farmers, but farmers don’t need to keep animals for meat, eggs, or dairy. This Back British Farming Day, we encourage all farmers to grow plants and leave behind the heartbreak and violence involved in raising animals for food.

Eliminating animals from the agricultural equation is every bit as good for farmers as it is for cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep. A 2022 study by the Farm Safety Foundation found that 92% of UK farmers under 40 cited poor mental health as the biggest problem they were facing.


Adding to their loneliness and other factors, much of the daily business of animal farming – from separating babies from their mothers to sending gentle animals off to slaughter – would compromise anyone’s mental health.

Crop Farmers Help the Planet

Farmers who make the switch to harvesting vegetables, grains, pulses, and fruits also help the planet. Raising animals for food is a leading cause of environmental destruction. It requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water while emitting huge quantities of greenhouse gases.

Researchers at the University of Oxford determined that current agricultural systems make it impossible to meet climate commitments even if all other sources of greenhouse gas emissions were eliminated.

Make the Switch – Go Vegan!

Join our World Vegan Month Challenge this November and see for yourself how easy it is to choose compassion every time you sit down for a meal:

Fancy trying that oat milk from our video? Here’s a handy guide to help you with your weekly shopping: