Victory! Anheuser-Busch Stop Amputating Tailbones of Budweiser Clydesdales

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Following a massive campaign in which thousands of PETA UK supporters joined hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in taking action, Anheuser-Busch InBev – the parent company of iconic American beer brand Budweiser – announced that it has agreed to stop amputating Clydesdale horses’ tailbones.

Budweiser’s compassionate decision comes after dozens of protests, ads, and pleas from concerned consumers through PETA entity action alerts. It sends a message to other companies that animal abuse doesn’t sell.

What Used to Happen to Budweiser Clydesdales Before the PETA Entity Campaign?

A PETA US video exposé revealed that Anheuser-Busch mutilated Clydesdales, whose tailbones have been cut off either partially or completely, for Budweiser promotions. The horses’ tailbones were painfully amputated either with a scalpel or with a tight band that restricted the blood supply to the tail, causing it to die and fall off.

Clydesdales, like all horses, need their tails to protect them from biting insects – including those who carry West Nile virus and other pathogens. Their tails are also important for balance, mobility, and communication.

Amputating a horse’s tail (commonly called “tail docking”) is so cruel that this needless cosmetic procedure is illegal in the UK, unless performed by a veterinarian for medical reasons.

With this kind decision for Clydesdales, the self-proclaimed “King of Beers” is back at the top of its game. To everyone who took action for horses to help make this victory possible, PETA says, “Cheers!”

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