‘Bunnies’ Crash Milan Fashion Week to Protest Fur and Angora

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Wearing giant rabbit masks and not much else, a trio of PETA supporters – two female and one male – crashed the opening day of Milan Fashion Week.

The activists were protesting the use of rabbits for clothing, holding signs proclaiming, “Rabbit Skin Is Not Yours” and “Rabbits Suffer for Fur and Angora.” The demonstration was a joint action between PETA and Italian animal rights group La LORO Voce – Iene Vegane.

Rabbits on fur farms are kept in tiny, filthy cages and forced to spend their entire lives standing on wire flooring, surrounded by waste. They’re denied the chance to do anything that comes naturally to them, such as digging, jumping, playing, or exploring their habitats. Often, their necks are broken or their skulls are beaten in before they’re strung up by their legs and their heads are cut off. In the angora industry, many rabbits face the ordeal of live plucking up to four times a year. During this process, they’re physically restrained as workers tear their hair out.

Superior vegan fabrics include cotton, bamboo, hemp, Lyocell, and recycled synthetic fibres.

What You Can Do

To make sure you’re not contributing to the suffering of rabbits, please never buy or wear fur or angora.

You can speak out against the fur trade here in the UK by signing our #FurFreeBritain petition urging the government to ban the import of all real fur: