Caged ‘Monkeys’ Protest Against Primate Trafficking

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Did you know that some airlines are propping up the cruel and sinister vivisection industry? China Southern Airlines ships monkeys from their homes in the wild or from squalid breeding facilities to laboratories in the EU and the US, where they are imprisoned in tiny cages, force-fed chemicals, crippled, cut into and killed.

PETA supporters took part in a striking protest in Whitehall today to shine a light on this shocking practice. The demo was planned to coincide with an aviation conference attended by Tan Wangeng, the president and CEO of China Southern Airlines.

DSC_0247 PETA Demo in Whitehall:

The sight of these compassionate volunteers wearing monkey masks and squashed into cages was an embarrassing reminder for China Southern Airlines that it is one of only two major airlines that still transports primates for animal testing (Air France is the other). Thanks in part to creative campaigning by PETA and its international affiliates, Philippine Airlines, Air China, British Airways and many others refuse to participate in this violent and bloody industry.

The outcry against China Southern Airlines for its unethical primate trafficking policy has been massive. More than 20,000 people have written to the company to explain that they won’t fly on an airplane that could have crates of terrified monkeys in the cargo hold. Please speak out for primates, and send your message to China Southern Airlines today: