Carley Stenson Returns Fur Coat to Harvey Nichols’ Birmingham and Manchester Stores

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Compassionate actor Carley Stenson joined PETA to protest against Harvey Nichols’ callous fur policy.

Carley Stenson Manchester demo 2015

Carley Stenson Harvey Nichols Birmingham close-up_small

The former Hollyoaks star has always been outspoken about helping animals. So when she found herself in Birmingham during the tour for her new show, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, she decided to let Harvey Nichols know how unimpressed she is that they continue to sell real fur.

She posed with a gory skinned “dead fox” to illustrate the ugly truth behind the fur garments found on Harvey Nichols’ shelves.

“I was shocked to learn that Harvey Nichols has started supporting this violent industry and felt compelled to speak out. I hope the event hits home the point that all fur is the product of a bloody, violent industry and takes away life.”

Please note that no real foxes, of course, were harmed for this demo! Carley is holding an uncannily realistic model.

Harvey Nichols hide behind a marketing ploy called “Origin Assured“, which was created by the fur industry itself following years of plummeting sales. Fur that comes from farms in 29 countries can potentially be labelled “Origin Assured” simply because these countries have environmental standards, animal-welfare laws or best-practice guidelines on the books – but whether these regulations are enforced isn’t taken into consideration.

Baby animal in fur farm cage

Our recent video exposes the truth about “Origin Assured”. Watch it here and then take action by asking Harvey Nichols to do the right thing for animals by not selling fur.