How to Keep Cats Cool This Summer

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Many of us really enjoy warm summer days, but we need to remember that our feline friends can’t keep cool as well as we can. If you’re a cat’s guardian, it’s up to you to make sure your companion stays safe in the warm weather.

Follow these tips to keep cats happy and healthy in the heat:

  • Keep them indoors. We urge you to keep cats indoors all year round, as this is vital to their well-being, and it’s especially important in the summer. If allowed outside, your cat may end up wandering the streets on hot pavement, which can burn their delicate paws, or in places without shade, which could lead to deadly heat stroke. The best way to make sure they’re looked after properly is by keeping them inside and providing them with lots of shady spots to lie in.
  • Have a cool spot in the house. Creating a well-ventilated space where cats can go to cool down in the house is a great way for guardians to know when their companion is feeling the heat. Pick a room where you can open up some windows – lined with protective netting or mesh to keep cats inside – or pop on a fan!
  • Keep them hydrated. Place multiple bowls of water around the house so cats have easy access, wherever they are.
  • Play in the mornings and evenings. Dusk and dawn are the coolest times of day, making them the ideal moments to help cats get some exercise. By encouraging them to run around before it gets hot, you can discourage them from overexerting themselves during the day.
  • Give them some ice cubes. Ice cubes are not only great for cooling us down but also a fun way to keep your companion cool. Cats absorb and lose heat through their paws, so popping a few ice cubes onto a hard floor and letting them play around with them helps them cool down. You can also join in on the fun by encouraging them to bat the ice cubes around.
  • Have a damp towel on hand. Although it would be a great way for them to beat the heat, most cats aren’t going to throw themselves into a pool of water and splash around in it. What most will be OK with is being patted down with a damp towel. If your cat is uncomfortable with that, simply stroke them with wet hands to give them some relief.
  • Groom them. Cats shed on their own, but sometimes, the dead hair clings to them. Brush your companion a few times a week to get rid of it so they feel both lighter and more comfortable in high temperatures.

Please share this vital information with anyone you know who has a cat and help keep cats safe and well this summer.

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