Celebrities Back Petition Against Swedish University’s Experiments on Monkeys

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Compassionate celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Jane Goodall, Peter Egan, Moby and Uri Geller have added their signatures to a petition against the import and use of primates for research at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. In addition, over 60,000 concerned members of the public – who were shocked to hear of the plight of 24 macaques who are currently being subjected to cruel experiments at the university – have signed the petition.

Petition Sweden Han In

An open letter to the Swedish ambassador to the UK was delivered by PETA and Animal Justice Project. Along with pressure from Swedish animal rights group Djurrättsalliansen, the institute will now be well aware of the public outcry against the cruel experiments, in which sensitive monkeys are being subjected to life in a sterile laboratory and repeated vaccinations and blood tests.

Karolinska is the last institution in Sweden that still conducts cruel experiments on non-human primates. Kind people everywhere are opposed to testing on non-human primates, and a huge protest in Stockholm called on the university to stop these archaic and ineffective experiments.

Karolinska Demonstration 2 Karolinska Demonstration Karolinska Protest

Thank you to everyone who sign the petition and attended the march. Visit the Action Centre for more ways to help animals.