Chinese Star Speaks Language of Compassion in Bold New Photo Shoot

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Wang Ke China

Wang Ke, top model and China’s most famous tattoo artist, will be the star of PETA Asia‘s first-ever ad in the iconic “Ink, Not Mink” series, which will be released in the coming weeks! “Tattoos can be painful”, Wang says, “but they’re nothing compared to the agony of being electrocuted and skinned alive.”

China is the world’s largest supplier of fur, and foxes, raccoons, minks, cats, dogs and other animals are treated with appalling cruelty on factory farms in the country. However, many Chinese citizens don’t realise that these atrocities are happening on their doorstep – until now, that is. PETA Asia’s groundbreaking awareness campaigns are having an impact on many young people in the country and persuading hundreds of thousands to pledge to go fur-free.

This astonishing art project from 2013 in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather is just one example of the group’s innovative work:

Wang Ke’s ad will help bring the anti-fur message to an even wider audience in China and beyond. However, the truth remains that much of the fur from animals abused on Chinese farms is sold to Western consumers.

Please make sure that you’re not one of them by signing our fur-free pledge here.