Chocoholics Rejoice! New MASSIVE Guilt-Free (Vegan) Chocolate Slab by Hotel Chocolat

Posted by on August 4, 2014 | Permalink

PETA Vegan Food Award winner Hotel Chocolat has just launched its latest vegan chocolate creation, the massive Fruit and Nut Frenzy Giant Slab – and we can tell you, it’s divine!

Hotel Chocolat's Fruit and Nut Frenzy Giant Slab

The half-kilo giant slab was inspired by the shape in which molten chocolate naturally sets on the cool marble of a chocolatier’s table. The Fruit and Nut Frenzy Giant Slab features succulent golden raisins and cranberries, extremely crunchy almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts wrapped in 70 per cent dark chocolate.

You can find it in shops or in the vegan section of the chocolatier’s website, which also features dark chocolate ginger puddles and the smoothest hazelnut pralines.

With these kinds of luxury chocolate products that are free from animal ingredients, there’s absolutely no need to choose between your cravings and your compassion! Here are some other ways to indulge your sweet tooth.