A Must-See Film: ‘Circus Elephant Rampage’

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tyke the elephant, circus rampageHonolulu Star-Advertiser:
Twenty years ago, the world witnessed the rampage and subsequent death of Tyke, an elephant forced to perform in the circus who could no longer bear the abuse and painfully confined conditions. She escaped in Honolulu and killed her trainer – leaving 13 more people injured – before being shot nearly 100 times on the street. Many elephants used in circuses are subjected to lifelong routine cruelty, and Tyke was no exception.

The gripping story of Tyke – Circus Elephant Rampage – will be shown on Wednesday, July 22, at 9 pm on BBC Four as a prestigious BBC Storyville documentary. Join us on Twitter during the film with the hashtag #TykeTheElephant.

The Australian film, produced and directed by award-winning documentary filmmakers Stefan Moore and Susan Lambert, reminds us that Tyke’s story is still very much emblematic of current circus tragedies and remains a symbol for animal rights worldwide.

The film focuses on those who were affected by her death – former trainers, handlers and animal activists. Some children even suffered from psychological trauma after witnessing Tyke’s murder in person.

We must use this documentary as a chance to reflect on Tyke’s lifelong struggle and remember that there are still circuses around the globe clinging to indefensible practices.

You can help animals like Tyke by writing to David Cameron to tell him that forcing wild animals to perform absurd tricks has no place in modern Britain. Be sure to RSVP to our Facebook event for a reminder about the showing on Wednesday evening and join us in tweeting along during the documentary using the hashtag #TykeTheElephant.