Claire Cooper Says NO to Beagle Experiments

Posted by on October 16, 2014 | Permalink

Claire Cooper, a British actor from Wakefield, has joined PETA in taking action against B&K Universal’s plans to build a new beagle breeding facility in East Riding of 1 In a letter, Claire voiced her disgust at the plans to breed thousands of beagle puppies so that they can be tested on and killed in experiments. She writes:

“Breeding dogs for deadly experiments is a shameful trade. Dogs aren’t commodities or test tubes with tails. Beagles are friendly, loyal and gentle”.

As a local girl herself, it is clear that Claire is sickened by the idea of such unnecessary cruelty in the area. We hope that the council takes notice of her letter and the 25,000 other compassionate PETA supporters who have petitioned against the shameful building extension. Watch this space to see whether the council does the right thing by rejecting the appeal. Right now, you can also take action against cruel experiments on animals by asking the Home Office Minister to ban animal testing for household products.