This Company Got in Trouble With Advertising Standards for Claiming Fur Is Ethical

Posted by on June 10, 2016 | Permalink

The Dutch fur industry tried to dupe the public into believing that its fur products are “100% ethically sourced”. But the Advertising Standards Agency agreed with PETA Netherlands that the industry’s claims are wholly unsubstantiated.

Furlab, a company set up to sell fur and promote its use, has been found to be in breach of the Dutch Advertising Code by misleading consumers with the “ethically sourced” claim. Raising and killing millions of animals every year for their fur can never be anything but a violent and bloody business. And in the Netherlands, the fur business is well and truly on the way out, as the Dutch ban on fur farming is due to take effect in 2024.

In their complaint, PETA Netherlands referenced investigations of fur farms in countries eligible for the fur industry’s “Origin Assured” label, a scheme which is supposed to guarantee that animals who were killed to make products were treated humanely. Of course, any such guarantee is utterly ridiculous.

It’s time for the fur industry to accept that there is no future in torturing animals for their skin and find a more humane way to make their money.

Use your voice to help stop this unethical industry. If you ever see fur on sale, please speak out.