Cosmetics: Is Change Finally Coming?

Posted by on November 21, 2012 | Permalink

For months, rumours suggesting that the 2013 EU sales ban on animal-tested cosmetics could be weakened or delayed have intensified. The majority of the European population is opposed to animal-tested cosmetics, and caring consumers across Europe have protested vehemently to ensure the deadline is maintained. The ban is enshrined in the current EU directive for good reason: to attempt to assess the safety of cosmetics ingredients using defenseless rabbits and mice is not only cruel but also completely ineffective and puts human safety at risk, as the results cannot accurately predict human reactions.

Despite the fact that animal tests are notoriously unreliable, the cosmetics industry has maintained pressure on the European Commission to delay the sales ban or weaken it by introducing loopholes. We have become increasingly concerned that the European Commission would bow to this pressure. However, there is finally reason to be more optimistic.

Dr Tonio Borg has just been announced as the new Commissioner for Health and Consumer Affairs. A few days ago when Mr Borg was questioned about the ban, he made it clear that he would work for a full and timely implementation of the ban. If Dr Borg stays true to his word, in just over three months’ time, we’ll be able to celebrate because thousands of animals around the world will have been saved from unnecessary suffering.

However, until a final decision is announced, we must continue to maintain pressure on the Commission in support of maintaining the 2013 deadline.