Cruel UK Abattoir Forced to Close Down

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A&G Barber of Purleigh in Essex, one of the abattoirs at the centre of Animal Aid’s undercover investigation, has been forced to close down following the release of shocking video footage. Among other abuses, the video shows workers improperly stunning pigs, leaving the animals to regain consciousness and experience the full horror of slaughter. After seeing the video, A&G Barber’s biggest customer, a German sausage manufacturer, cancelled its contract.

Animal Aid’s investigation revealed that at six out of the seven abattoirs they filmed, workers routinely and intentionally abused animals, including kicking pigs in the face repeatedly and using electric tongs to shock the animals’ sensitive snouts and mouths.

Veterinary inspectors at A&G Barber failed in their duty to respond to the abuse, which leads us to believe that if the filming not taken place, countless pigs would continue to suffer terribly at this facility. As a result of the Animal Aid investigation, changes to staff monitoring in abattoirs have now been proposed by a government industry group formed by the Veterinary Public Health Association (VPHA). Whilst failing to act on calls for compulsory closed-circuit TV in abattoirs, they have agreed that more effective monitoring slaughter and stunning procedures are necessary. We can only hope that these proposed changes will be implemented and that from this point forward,  immediate action will be taken against facilities and individuals suspected of abuse.

Although we are delighted that one less abattoir is inflicting pain and suffering on animals, the video footage indicates that intentional abuse of animals is endemic in UK abattoirs. The easiest but most important thing you can do today to help prevent animal suffering is to leave cruelty off your plate and go vegan! Click here to order a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit.