Breaking: PETA Crashes Crufts Over Cruel Breeding

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PETA disrupted the “Best in Show” presentation at Crufts – the world’s largest “pedigree” dog show.

A PETA supporter holding a sign reading, “Boycott Breeders” attempted to storm the arena floor before the winner was announced. Activists also unfurled a banner in the stands among the audience with the same message. The peaceful protest was met with physical aggression from security staff, who hit and punched activists before dragging them out of the arena.


Glorification of Grotesque Standards

Crufts glorifies the breeding of deformed and disabled animals. The grotesque standards of The Kennel Club, which organises the event, encourage the breeding of dogs with extreme features that cause long-term physical disabilities and health problems, including epilepsy, brachycephalic syndrome, heart disease, deafness, hip dysplasia, and numerous other afflictions.

Breeding Fuels the Homeless Dog Crisis

Crufts also exacerbates the homeless dog and companion animal overpopulation crises by encouraging people to dash out to buy the latest “must-have” breed they saw on television while rescue centres burst at the seams with lovable dogs waiting to be adopted. An estimated 20,000 dogs are euthanised in the UK every year because there aren’t enough good homes for them.

A Dying, Outdated Event

The BBC stopped airing Crufts in 2008 after revelations emerged about the prevalence of hereditary defects among pedigree dogs, including some Crufts prize winners, and the RSPCA refuses to attend the show.

A group of veterinary professionals have also previously spoken out against Crufts, noting, “The arbitrary breed standards that the competition’s judges use to rate the dogs call for them to be bred for extremely exaggerated physical features, regardless of the damage to their health. As a result, dogs are suffering.”

What You Can Do

Avoid this archaic canine beauty pageantry, and never buy from a breeder. If you are able and willing to welcome a dog companion into your home, adopt a lovable, loyal individual from your local shelter instead.

In addition to supporting PETA’s #AdoptDontShop campaign, you can urge Channel 4 to drop Crufts: