Cuteness Alert: Sprinkle of Glitter and Her Kitty, Zula, Take a Stand Against Fur

Posted by on March 11, 2015 | Permalink

Does the thought of wearing your dog or cat gross you out? Of course, it does. So why wear a fox, a rabbit or any other furry animal? That’s the point that YouTube superstar Sprinkle of Glitter and her feline sidekick, Zula, make in PETA’s latest anti-fur ad:

Photo: Paul Michael Hughes

Sprinkle of Glitter says, “To me, cats are the most wonderfully loving, sweet animals, and the thought of wearing their fur is awful. I feel so passionately about this campaign and am proud to be a part of it”.

Her message is that when it comes to feeling pain, there is no difference between the animals we share our homes with, like Zula, and animals who are killed for their fur. Every year, millions of animals – including raccoon dogs, foxes, rabbits, minks and sometimes even dogs and cats are killed for their fur. And even a small amount of fur trim on the hood of a jacket means that an animal had to suffer terribly and be electrocuted, beaten to death or skinned alive.

Join Sprinkle of Glitter in speaking out against the barbaric fur trade – ask department store Harvey Nichols to stop selling items made with real fur! Take Action Now