Dame Vivienne Presents PETA US VP With 2016 Winq Activism Award in London

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From catwalks to boardrooms, activist Dan Mathews is known for his provocative campaigns for animals. But this week, he stormed the stage for a different reason. The PETA US senior vice president was honoured by Vivienne Westwood at Winq magazine’s Men of the Year Awards.

dan-mathews-peta-winqKamil Szkopik

Winq, the luxury lifestyle magazine for gay men, payed tribute to Dan at its Men of the Year event for his work to promote ethical fashion and protest the fashion industry’s use of fur, wool, down, leather, and other animal-derived materials.

Dan has disrupted fashion shows in Milan, Paris, and New York – where he also persuaded Calvin Klein to drop fur after occupying his office. He’s behind PETA’s now iconic “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign and has enlisted the support of superstars, including P!nk and Pamela Anderson, who have made international headlines after exposing the cruelty of the animal-skins trade.

dan-mathews-peta-winq-awardsKamil Szkopik

His work has had a big impact on fashion trends and helped prevent animals from suffering on fur farms, in the leather industry, and elsewhere. Just this year, Giorgio Armani finally went fur-free after years of protests by PETA and our affiliates. And Dan’s work with Ralph Lauren helped persuade the designer to ban not only fur but also angora wool, after a recent PETA exposé showed how rabbits are plucked until they’re bloody for the “fabric”.

When used for their skin, wool, or feathers, animals are treated like nothing more than commodities. Thanks to the work of activists such as Dan, archaic animal-derived materials are being replaced by kinder and more sustainable vegan fabrics. We hope this recognition by Winq and Dame Vivienne inspires more brands to follow suit.

You can join the vegan fashion revolution by leaving cruelly produced garments on the shelves. For more inspiration on keeping your wardrobe animal-free, check out the PETA Fashion Award winners and our list of PETA-Approved Vegan brands: