‘Don’t Kill the Animals’ Blasts as Protesters Dance to Stop Animal Experiments

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A pack of costumed “animals” raised a ruckus outside the European Parliament in Brussels as they grooved to Lene Lovich and Nina Hagen’s song “Don’t Kill the Animals”.

PETA supporters, along with those of Belgian organisations GAIA, Animal Rights, and many more, encouraged members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to pose with “animals” while urging curious spectators to sign the “Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics” European citizens’ initiative (ECI), PETA’s campaign calling on the European Union (EU) to phase out animal testing.

A majority of European citizens agree: “Don’t Kill the Animals” in archaic and cruel experiments. PETA is calling on everyone to help spare sensitive animals’ lives and direct the EU towards a compassionate future by signing the ECI.

What Is the European Citizens’ Initiative?

The ECI calls for legislators to fix the broken promise of a Europe in which animals no longer suffer and die for cosmetics. It also calls for the transformation of EU chemicals regulations, aiming to stop the addition of new animal tests, and for the establishment of a plan to end all animal experiments.

Why Do Animals Need Your Signature?

Approximately 9 million mice, rats, fish, dogs, and other animals are used every year in cruel experiments and other procedures in the EU.

The majority of these tests fail to predict reliable results in humans, yet animals may legally be poisoned, subjected to psychological distress, deliberately infected with diseases, subjected to brain damage, paralysed, exposed to skin or eye irritants, burned, gassed, force-fed, electrocuted, and deprived of food, water, or sleep – and then killed.

What You Can Do

Over 600,000 EU citizens have already joined our campaign against experiments on animals. We urgently need to reach 1 million signatures on our ECI.

If you’re an EU citizen, regardless of where you live, please sign the ECI now:

You must sign the initiative only once.

If you are not an EU citizen or have already signed, you can still use your voice for animals by sharing the ECI! Share the link as much as you can, and ask others to do the same. Every signature matters for animals who are suffering in cages for pointless experiments.



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