Ditching Fur Is Good for the Soul, Says Singer Dionne Bromfield

Posted by on July 18, 2013 | Permalink

Singer and Strictly Come Dancing star Dionne Bromfield is known for her powerful, soulful voice – and now she’s using it to speak up for animals! In her new ad for PETA, she strikes a pose to protest against the abhorrent cruelty of the fur trade, in which animals such as rabbits and foxes are kept in tiny, filthy cages before being beaten and skinned alive.

Soul singer poses for anti-fur message to help animals

Dionne may be only 17 years old, but the star is one to watch and already has an impressive musical track record, from performing with her late godmother, Amy Winehouse, to collaborations with Tinchy Stryder and sharing the stage with The Wanted. With this eye-catching new ad, she’s entered another hall of fame, joining the pantheon of compassionate celebs who have sworn off fur, including Lea Michele, Pink, Fearne Cotton, Lauren Goodger, Leona Lewis and Joss Stone.

In a recent poll, 95 per cent of the British public said that they would never wear real fur. It’s hardly surprising, given the horrific suffering of animals raised on fur farms, who often go insane from being kept in cramped conditions without shelter from the elements. Fur traders kill the animals by drowning them, electrocuting them or breaking their necks. In China, which supplies most of the world’s fur, raccoon dogs, foxes and other animals – including millions of cats and dogs – are often skinned alive.

Join Dionne and the compassionate majority of people who are proud to be fur-free. Please sign and share our pledge to ditch fur. Also, if you have any old or inherited fur coats cluttering up your closet, please send them to PETA. We promise to dispose of them in a way that won’t profit the cruel fur industry in any way or perpetuate the macabre fashion for wearing stolen skins.