Memorial Billboard to Pay Tribute to 50,000 Chickens Killed in Driffield Fire

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In honour of the 50,000 birds who died when two chicken sheds on a farm in Driffield, East Yorkshire, caught fire on 2 July, PETA plans to place a billboard in the area pointing out who’s ultimately responsible for their deaths: everyone who hasn’t yet gone vegan.

In Remembrance of the Chickens Killed in the Driffield Fire

Each of these birds was an individual who felt pain and fear as smoke and flames engulfed them. PETA urges everyone to be kind to sensitive birds – as well as pigs, cows, and other animals – by eating vegan.

Factory Farming Must End

Chickens are smart, social, and sensitive animals who love their families and value their own lives. In addition to being self-aware, they form friendships and social hierarchies and have the ability to solve problems.

Those raised for their flesh on factory farms are routinely fed antibiotics and bred to grow so large that their legs often collapse under their own bodyweight. They’re forced to spend their unnaturally short lives crammed into barren sheds, with hardly any space to move around.

Chickens crammed together on "free-range" egg farm.

At the abattoir, workers shackle them upside down, slit their throats, and scald them in defeathering tanks – sometimes while they’re still conscious.

Breeding Grounds for Diseases

Crowding stressed animals together on farms like this one creates both a living hell for them and a perfect breeding ground for infectious diseases.

Confining animals on faeces-ridden farms, transporting them in filthy lorries, and slaughtering them on killing floors soaked with blood, urine, and other bodily fluids can cause deadly pathogens to emerge that can spread from farmed animals to humans.

How You Can Help

This tragedy wouldn’t have occurred if the chickens on the Driffield farm weren’t packed together on a crowded factory farm. The best thing you can do to help is to go vegan.

Take the first step today by signing our vegan pledge: