Spotted in Dublin! Dumped Fur Coats Return as ‘Ghosts’ of Murdered Animals

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Every year, nearly a quarter-million animals are subjected to intense confinement and then killed on Irish fur farms. Such a large number can be hard to grasp, so our collaboration with Dublin street artist Solus is a way to remind people of the individual animals behind every fur coat or piece of fur trim – and how they suffered.

Using fur coats donated to PETA by people who decided to turn their backs on fur, Solus has created a dozen animal-shaped pieces of art around Dublin’s city centre. Passers-by are encouraged to visit and speak out against the cruel killing of animals for fashion.

“Re-shaping the fur coats into animals is a way to remind us of the life it that once inhabited those garments. No animal should die to make a product that no one needs – and I hope that message hits home with everyone who sees the pieces.”
– Solus

If you spot one of Solus’ pieces around Dublin, please take a quick snap and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #furfreeireland.

Minks on Irish fur farms spend their entire lives in cramped wire cages. Denied the opportunity to run, swim and express any other natural behaviour, many of these wild animals go insane and begin to mutilate themselves. Eventually, they are electrocuted and killed for their skins.

Fur farming is already illegal in the UK, Croatia and Austria. Celebrities and concerned citizens have been queuing up to urge Ireland to do the same. Imelda May, Anjelica Huston and Cillian Murphy are among the famous figures who have gotten on board with PETA’s campaign.

Please join them and tens of thousands of other compassionate people by sending a message to the Irish government asking for a ban on fur farms.

Photos: Deidre Marie Photography

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