Earth Day: MPs, Councillors, and Celebs Go Vegan for PETA Initiative

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To mark Earth Day (22 April), PETA is teaming up with Labour MP and vegan Kerry McCarthy as well as a dozen other members of parliament, councillors, and influential celebrities. All of them have pledged to ditch meat, dairy, and other animal-derived foods for the day!

These lawmakers and celebs didn’t hesitate to step up to show people that we can spare animals’ lives, save water, and slash greenhouse-gas emissions simply by going vegan.

“Eating vegan is one of the easiest and most significant things that we can do to help our planet and reduce our contribution to climate change. That’s why I’m partnering with PETA to encourage everyone to try vegan this Earth Day.”
– Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East

Earth Day Heroes

In addition to McCarthy, other participating MPs are Henry Smith, Tracey Crouch, Lisa Cameron, Luke Pollard, Sarah Champion, Helen Hayes, Tommy Sheppard, Emma Lewell-Buck, Caroline Lucas, Rachael Maskell, Caroline Dinenage, (pause to draw breath) and Matthew Pennycook.

As a thank you, PETA is sending each of them a vegan snack basket – provided by TheVeganKind online supermarket – and a vegan starter kit with tips and recipes to inspire them to keep it vegan.

It’s not just MPs who are getting involved – councillors Dan Watkins (Canterbury City Council), Adrian Dearnley (South Norfolk Council) and Derek Antrobus (Salford City Council) are also going vegan for Earth Day.

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And it doesn’t stop there! Influential celebrities such as Alesha Dixon and Bella Ramsey are also taking part in PETA’s Earth Day campaign.


Deliveroo and Papa John’s are swooping in to support PETA’s campaign, too, by promoting their vegan food options for Earth Day, showing that it’s never been easier or more delicious to go vegan.

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Why Go Vegan for Earth Day?

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of ocean dead zones, species extinction, and habitat destruction – and by some estimates, it creates more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the world’s transportation systems combined.

A study in the journal Nature found that greenhouse-gas emissions from animal agriculture would be reduced by half if the world turned to a mainly plant-based diet. Every person who goes vegan can shrink their carbon footprint by up to 73% and save up to 200 animals per year.

Join the Campaign and Do Your Bit for the Planet

Join in by eating vegan for Earth Day (and beyond!). Once you’ve made (or ordered) your delicious planet-friendly, plant-based dishes, share a photo on social media and encourage others to join in. Don’t forget to tag @PETAUK and include the hashtag #VeganForEarthDay.

If the planet means the world to you, take the pledge to start your vegan journey: