easyJet holidays Bans Promotions of Animal Attractions!

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PETA commends easyJet holidays for protecting animals by rejecting harmful attractions and tours like marine parks, animal displays, and camel rides.

The news comes after the travel company worked with World Animal Protection and PETA, and we hope it will inspire other companies to help animals exploited for entertainment.

easyJet holidays’ new policy includes a ban on selling or promoting the following: marine parks, zoos, aquariums, animal rides and performances (domesticated and wild animals), and any other activity for which captive animals are used for entertainment or tourist transport.

How Animals Suffer for Entertainment

Travel companies like Jet2holidays promote marine parks such as Loro Parque in Spain, which keep orcas and other dolphins in distressing conditions.

Nine bottlenose dolphins are imprisoned at Loro Parque. They’re crammed together, with no means of escape, in a pool smaller than a car park.

Rather than being free to swim up to 60 miles a day, as these dolphins would be in the ocean, they can only swim in circles and float listlessly in this cramped tank. There’s no respite or retirement for them.

Cruelty to animals isn’t the exclusive province of marine parks – tourist activities like riding in horse-drawn carriages and on camels can also be abusive.

PETA Asia’s investigations into Egypt’s top tourist sites have revealed the appalling conditions in which horses are forced to haul carriages (also called calèches) full of tourists in blistering heat without shade, food, or water. The video footage shows wounded, exhausted horses eating rubbish to survive.

Eyewitnesses also saw camels being whipped and beaten. One camel was tied to a van and dragged along the ground by his leg.

Footage from PETA Germany has exposed the cruel treatment of mules and donkeys who are used as taxis on Santorini (an island that’s part of Greece). Many of these exhausted animals have injuries, untreated wounds, and horrible scar tissue. Some of them are kept on short chains in the blazing sun without food or water.

These are just a few examples of how animals suffer when they’re exploited by tourist destinations around the globe – be sure to avoid any tour or attraction involving animals, and check our guide below for more tourist traps:

How You Can Help Animals Abused at Tourist Sites

easyJet holidays is helping to pave the way for cruelty-free tourism. Please urge Jet2holidays to follow suit by implementing a similar policy:

While easyJet is making compassionate choices, the travel association ABTA is allowing its other members to promote cruelty to dolphins and whales. Urge the travel association to prevent its members from promoting or selling tickets to marine parks: