It’s a Big Day for Animals on Farms – Over 1.5 Million Signatures to #EndTheCageAge

Posted by on September 12, 2019 | Permalink

It’s official: after months of campaigning, PETA and other organisations have gathered over 1.5 million petition signatures from our supporters – reaching and surpassing our original goal of 1 million – in the biggest-ever political push to protect animals on farms.

Launched last year by PETA and 170 other groups, including Compassion in World Farming, the #EndTheCageAge European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) has been a collaborative journey. The aim? To help more than 300 million pigs, chickens, rabbits, ducks, and quails imprisoned in cages and other confinement systems across the EU.

The campaign included events held in EU countries and collaborations with influential MEPs and celebrities to ensure the European Commission listened to our voices. It also featured the launch of new undercover investigations showing that vulnerable young calves are caged and isolated on EU farms, ducks and geese are barbarically abused for foie gras, and rabbits spend their entire lives inside cages so small that they can barely stand upright, let alone hop.

We also shared a documentary showing a factory farm through a pig’s eyes, revealing that mother pigs are confined to farrowing crates so small that they can’t even turn around.

Thanks to the 1.5 million ECI signatories, we’ve taken an important step towards ending factory farming. Now, it’s time for the European Commission to make the changes that EU citizens have demanded.

What Next?

• If you’ve signed the ECI, we’d like to thank you for taking part in this huge move for animals. But this is not the end of the campaign. Please keep your eyes peeled for the next steps – and join our mailing list if you’d like to be updated on our progress.

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