World Environment Day: PETA France Calls On Public to Go Vegan to Fight Climate Change With Stunning Visual Display

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Ahead of World Environment Day (5 June), PETA France has placed a trio of animal-shaped ice sculptures – a pig, a cow, and a chicken – in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg to highlight the link between animal agriculture and climate change.

PETA France

During the event, the sculptures – carved by the 2020 ice sculpting world champion – slowly melted over a banner reading, “Change your plate, not the climate. Animal agriculture is melting the ice caps: go vegan.

PETA France

As record heat waves have swept the planet in recent years, the action aims to remind people of the urgency of leaving meat and dairy off the menu to help fight climate change.

Why in Front of the European Parliament?

The action follows a letter sent by PETA France to European Parliament President David Sassoli calling on him to ensure the Parliament serves only vegan meals – a move that would reduce its food-related carbon emissions by 73%. Such a move would also align with the United Nations’ declaration that a global shift to vegan eating is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

How Going Vegan Helps Fight Climate Change

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of ocean dead zones, species extinction, and habitat destruction – and by some estimates, it creates more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the world’s transportation systems combined.

A study in the journal Nature found that greenhouse-gas emissions from animal agriculture would be reduced by half if the world turned to a mainly plant-based diet. Every person who goes vegan can shrink their carbon footprint by up to 73% and save up to 200 animals per year.

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment: Go Vegan

Change starts on our plates. We can all help protect the Earth, humans, and other animals by going vegan.

Reduce your impact on the environment now by taking our 30-day vegan pledge: