Exposé Reveals Captive Elephants Are Used as Punchbags at This Despicably Cruel Event

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PETA Asia has obtained video footage showing handlers viciously beating elephants at the Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal.

In response to seeing the video, Renault, MINISO, Carlsberg Group, United Beverage (maker of Pulpy), Mega Bank, Kumari Bank, JGI (maker of Ruslan Vodka), Chaudhary Group (maker of Wai Wai noodles), Everest Insurance, and Hotel Seven Star have announced that they’re ending their association with the festival, but Mount Everest Group and NRNA have taken no action to sever ties with the cruel event.

The disturbing footage shows handlers repeatedly hitting and jabbing elephants on their heads and behind their sensitive ears with bullhooks (spear-like weapons with a sharp hook on one end), sticks, and makeshift wooden knives to force them into submission and make them race, give rides, and “play” football and polo. The video shows one elephant being beaten continuously for nearly a minute, and an eyewitness saw another who had watery discharge seeping from one eye, indicating an injury or infection. Observers also documented that many elephants had deep, bloody wounds around their heads and ears. A young girl was seen covering her mouth in shock after witnessing a baby elephant being beaten with a stick.

What You Can Do

Visit PETAAsia.com to read in full about the investigation and learn how you can help these elephants.

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