EXPOSED: Water Buffaloes Tied to Poles and Beaten for Cheese

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A revealing new video exposé shows workers punching and beating water buffaloes, all so humans can steal their milk.

Milk Comes From Mothers

Like every other mammal, buffaloes produce milk only after giving birth, but these mothers exploited by the dairy industry will never get to nurse their babies. An investigator on a farm in Queensland, Australia, saw that frightened calves were torn away from their mothers and isolated in filthy cages. 

In the milking parlour and the surrounding area, mother buffaloes were shoved, punched, and beaten. They couldn’t escape this abuse because their legs had been tied to poles.

Because of its higher butter-fat content, buffalo milk is often used to make rich cheeses, like mozzarella, bocconcini, ricotta, feta, and halloumi. 

Live Exports

Most Australian states now have buffalo-dairy farming. A total of more than 700,000 buffaloes  are used for dairy nationwide. 

Other buffaloes are raised and killed for their flesh, hides, and horns. Some are exported from Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia, to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam as part of the Australian live-export industry, while others are killed before their flesh is exported.

Dairy Is Scary

While heartbreaking, this never-before-seen footage of buffaloes abused for their milk is unsurprising.

Whether the victims are cows, goats, sheep, buffaloes, or any other animal, the dairy industry has been exposed time and time again for its relentless cruelty towards animals, tearing mothers and babies apart and causing them immense grief and pain.  

What You Can Do

We have a choice to stop supporting the violence inflicted on animals. The number of plant-based milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream options is constantly increasing – so it’s never been easier to go vegan. Show compassion to animals and order our free vegan starter kit today: