PETA Awards Firefighters for Rescuing Baby Pigeon

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In recognition of their bravery in saving the life of a baby pigeon, crew members from Buckfastleigh Fire Station have received PETA’s Hero to Animals award.

According to reports, the crew spotted the baby pigeon in a tree that had caught fire after a shed filled with gas cannisters exploded in Totnes, Devon. The fire station confirmed that Watch Manager Guy Watkin, Crew Manager Neil Wells, and firefighters Robin Hughes, Karl Osborne, and Jordan Reynolds were all involved in the heart-warming rescue.

Thanks to these firefighters’ heroic actions, what could have been a tragedy for the baby pigeon had a sweet ending.

Pigeons are devoted partners who mate for life, and both parents care for their beloved young. They have legendary navigational skills and topographic memories and can fly up to 50 miles per hour and travel as much as 500 miles in a single day. They display remarkable intelligence and self-awareness and have been distinguished with more medals for bravery than any other animal for their role in saving the lives of civilians and members of the armed forces during World War II and subsequent conflicts.

We hope the actions of the Buckfastleigh firefighting crew will inspire others to help animals in need.

How You Can Help Pigeons

Millions of pigeons are exploited and killed in pigeon racing every year. The races start in the south of France or Spain, and the birds are forced to fly for days to get home. The perilous journey kills the majority of pigeons, as many die from exhaustion or drown as they try to cross the Channel in the final stages.

A two-month-long investigation into pigeon racing revealed the loss and presumed deaths of hundreds of thousands of birds. In one race, it was recorded that more than 90% of the pigeons did not return. Many survivors are killed by fanciers because they’re not deemed valuable enough for future races or breeding. PETA US investigators filmed humans drowning and gassing them or breaking their necks.

Speak out against the cruel pigeon-racing industry now: