Flesh Is Flesh – All Animals Have the Same Parts: Try Vegan

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PETA Naked Protest in Kent Readers were shocked by details that emerged during the trial of a Kent man who allegedly groomed a young girl online, intending to rape, kill, dismember and eat her. The disturbing conversations alleged to have taken place on fetish websites frequented by the man are enough to make even the most hardened reader shudder. “I don’t like waste”, he allegedly assured the 14-year-old. “I’ll eat everything from your feet to your face.”

Wait … haven’t we heard this somewhere before???

Human beings do commit similarly vile and depraved acts on innocent victims every day on farms and in abattoirs all over the world. The reality of modern meat and dairy production is every bit as bleak and sinister as the vile acts that this man was proposing. Dairy cows are restrained and forcibly impregnated again and again. When their bodies are spent, they endure violent and premature deaths in slaughterhouses.

People are naturally revolted by the idea of eating a human corpse, so what’s the difference with the corpse of a cow, chicken or fish? To emphasise this point, we pitched up outside Canterbury Crown Court today, where the trial is being held, with vegan model Anita De Bauch to show the public that humans and non-human animals are all made of the same stuff and that all body parts look the same when wrapped in supermarket cellophane. Non-human animals share our capacity to experience pain, suffering and terror, so why do we subject them to the kinds of horrors that make our own blood run cold?

Try Vegan

For as long as there have been meat-eaters, there have been cannibals, and the two aren’t as far removed as we may think. If you’re uncomfortable with the violent killing and consumption of ANY living being, we urge you to order our vegan starter kit.