Georgina Rodríguez Gifted Faux Fur by Elen Rivas and PETA

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Georgina Rodríguez just celebrated her 29th birthday, and one last gift is now on its way to Cristiano Ronaldo’s model girlfriend. Fellow Spanish model and former “WAG” Elen Rivas and PETA have sent Rodríguez a luxurious faux fur coat designed by French retailer Maison R&C. The eco-friendly vegan coat, made from 100% recycled corn, follows a spate of Instagram photos of Rodríguez in fur, which PETA and Rivas hope she’ll never wear again.

“You’re far too beautiful to wear something as ugly as fur. … One person can make a huge difference, and by pledging no longer to wear fur, you’d be setting a wonderful example for your millions of loyal followers.”
– Elen Rivas to Georgina Rodríguez

PETA previously teamed up with Elen to campaign against bullfighting and promote meat-free meals.

Fur Is Dead

Animals raised on fur farms spend their entire miserable lives in cramped, filthy cages before they are killed in the most horrific ways. They are anally electrocuted, gassed, strangled, stamped on, or drowned. Sometimes, these sensitive animals are even skinned alive.

Instead of supporting an industry that kills 100 million animals every year, Rodríguez can donate her furs to PETA so we can use them to make bedding for abandoned wildlife, inform the public about the horrors of the fur trade, or give them to refugees – the only people with any excuse to wear fur.

The Future is Fur-Free

Today, most celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bündchen, have rid their wardrobes of fur, and many of the world’s top designers have shunned it in favour of innovative, cruelty-free pieces. Gucci, Versace, Prada, Valentino, Armani, Chanel, and Burberry are just a handful of fashion houses that have pledged to be fur-free.

Please take action for all minks, foxes, and other animals still used in the fur industry. Add your name to these urgent petitions and e-mails to brands and decision-makers: