‘Give Peas a Chance!’ Paris Mural Urges Non-Violence to All

Posted by on January 27, 2015 | Permalink

After the violence that has swept Paris in recent weeks and in homage to the murdered cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo who regularly tackled animal rights issues, PETA France has just placed this giant mural in Paris’ city centre:

Give Peas a Chance PETA Paris Mural

Featuring religious symbols drawn in peas and the words, “Give Peas a Chance – Go Vegan. Non-Violence Begins on Our Plates”, the artwork is designed to make Parisians consider the links between violence towards humans and against other species. This month’s losses are being felt by all compassionate people, including those who stand for animal rights.

PETA’s mural makes the simple point that if we can relate to who is on our plate, maybe we can start to relate to other human beings we perceive as “different”.

The most important thing in life is to be kind, and if you are kind to animals by not eating them, all the other forms of kindness seem easier to embrace.

PETA stands with Charlie Hebdo in rejecting oppression and violence in all forms.

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