Greggs Due to Launch Vegan Sausage Roll Following PETA Petition

Posted by on December 3, 2018 | Permalink

Following a PETA petition urging the bakery chain to launch a vegan sausage roll, Greggs is said to be introducing one in 2019.

According to a leaked e-mail, high-street bakery Greggs could be launching the vegan treat to mark the new year.

While Greggs has been said to be testing out a vegan sausage roll for years now, no information was ever released regarding when the plant-based delight might hit the shelves.

Following a recent e-mail leak, however, all signs are pointing towards a better, brighter, and more delicious future in 2019.

According to the e-mail, a Greggs representative said, “We’re really excited about the launch of the Vegan Sausage Roll as we know you and our customers will be too.” The 20,000 people who signed our petition are bound to be thrilled!

Citing an ever-expanding vegan market, PETA started a petition calling on the popular bakery chain to add a vegan sausage roll to its menu earlier this year.

More people than ever are clamouring for vegan options from their favourite on-the-go eateries, and PETA urged Greggs to heed this growing demand by launching a vegan sausage roll.

If it does become an option at the bakery, as the leak promises, this cruelty-free treat will fly off the shelves.

The bakery has been open to expanding its vegan offerings. In May, Greggs released its first savoury vegan item: The Mexican Bean Wrap.

The wonderful combination of flavours won the bakery chain a PETA Food Award, so there’s no doubt it’s new vegan option will be a winner, too.

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