A Grim Tour of the International Fur Industry, Narrated by Paloma Faith

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Soul-singing sensation Paloma Faith uses her celebrated voice to draw attention to the barbaric fur industry in a new video that shines an unflinching spotlight on fur production in Europe and the US.

Paloma is known for her distinctive style but doesn’t believe that animals should suffer in this way for her fashion choices. As she says:

Origin Assured (sold by Harvey Nichols) Fur Exposed“All fur is the product of extreme cruelty and abuse of animals. That’s why I always choose faux fur. With so many extraordinary alternatives on the market, there’s just no excuse for tearing the fur off an animal’s back”.

Foxes with skinless paws forced to live beside their dead, decomposing cage mates and a mink with an untreated head wound so severe that the animal’s brain is visible – these are just two of the stomach-churning scenes in the video, which is a montage of video footage taken from farms in countries that make up part of the fur industry’s “Origin Assured” marketing initiative.

Fur from animals farmed in any one of 29 countries can potentially be labelled “Origin Assured”, including the animals seen in this video. So claims by stores such as Harvey Nichols that it sells only “Origin Assured” fur are really nothing to boast about.

Please join Paloma in opposing the inhumane fur industry by sending a message to Harvey Nichols asking it to stop selling cruelly produced fur at once!

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