Gutsy US Congressman Takes On the Animal Testing Industry

Posted by on March 25, 2014 | Permalink

Congressman Jim Moran proposes anti-vivisection bill in the USAA groundbreaking new bill could bring about an end to tests on animals for cosmetics products in the US!

Compassionate Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia has introduced the Humane Cosmetics Act, which, if passed, would make it illegal to conduct tests on animals for cosmetics in the US and to sell cosmetic products that have been tested on animals.

This would be huge. The US market is enormous and influential, so banning these cruel and archaic tests would save countless rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and other animals from having chemicals rubbed on their skin, dripped into their eyes or forced down their throats in painful and deadly experiments.

The ban could also have a wider impact, sending a clear message to international companies that they need to throw their weight behind the use of humane, non-animal testing methods. Since March 2013, selling cosmetics products containing ingredients that have been tested on animals (even if the testing happened outside Europe) has been banned in the European Union, making it clear that these horrific experiments are on their way out.

PETA US has been campaigning hard to get tests on animals for cosmetics and personal care products outlawed. After all, using an animal to test a product designed for humans makes about as much sense as using a map of Paris to find your way around New York. Not only are animal tests ethically wrong, they’re also scientifically inferior. And consumers have made it clear that they should be illegal, too.

Watch this space for updates on the proposed law. And here in the UK, please take action to stop tests on animals from happening in secret.