Herd of ‘Cows’ Up in Arms Over Dairy Factory Farm

Posted by on October 23, 2012 | Permalink

PETA supporters greeted members of the Powys County Council as they arrived at the town hall in Welshpool to discuss a proposal to expand Leighton Farm into an industrialised dairy farm with 1,000 cows. They were there to tell council members that if they want to keep pollution and the abuse of animals out of Powys, they’ll immediately vote down this proposal.

Dairy factory farms deny cows everything that’s natural and important to them and relegate them to a life of suffering and an early death. The cows are forced to produce unnaturally high yields of milk, pushing their bodies to exhaustion. They are repeatedly impregnated, only to have their calves torn away from them within days of birth. Female calves spend their first few weeks in tiny stalls, and at 15 months old, they enter the same hellish cycle as their mothers. Male calves, who are deemed surplus waste in the dairy industry, are either shot at birth or sold to the veal industry. Cows have a natural life span of about 20 years or more, but most in the dairy industry are killed between the ages of 4 and 7 years. Additionally, dairy factory farms are notorious polluters, fouling the air, land and water.

Help stop this monstrous factory farm from being erected. Please send a polite letter to the Powys County Council voicing your objection to the application.